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The Kindness Era

We are ushering in a kindness era. People’s hearts and minds are blossoming, and as awareness of injustices grows, people are overcoming limitations with kindness and courage.

The animals are key to this era. Their great love helps to hold our world in balance as humanity cultivates love and compassion.

Discover the messages that the animals convey through telepathic animal communicators. And learn how, by being kind to animals, ourselves and our planet, we are co-creating a brilliant new world based on the foundations of love and equality.

Free Course: Animal Communicator Insights

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Course length: 2 hours.                
Easy to listen content (listen while driving, cleaning the house or while exercising!)                  
Provided on the Udemy platform

This course was inspired by the messages from the animals. Many animals are urging their people to uplift their energetic vibration and their spiritual level. Many animals are sharing that the time right now on Earth is very important, and they encourage us to spend our time wisely with a dedication to our upliftment. They wish to see us raise our vibration and to raise the amount of love that we are radiating into the world.

What you’ll learn:
- Understand why animal communicators often recommend a vegan diet to help bring peace to the animals, humans and the Earth
- Understand how eating high vibration foods helps to raise our vibration and attract positive energy to us
- Understand how the vegan diet provides energetic and spiritual protection
- Understand how the vegan diet can feed the human population many times over and eradicate human hunger.

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Book Available As A Free Digital Download

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This book is provided free of charge as an offering to those hearts, minds and souls who are seeking information that will uplift themselves and our world.

This information is shared with much love, and in prayer for a kind and safe world for all.

You may freely share this book with those who may be interested in reading it. Animal Communication schools and other organizations may freely share this book.

If this book is helpful to you, I would encourage you to be gratitude in action by reaching out to an animal sanctuary to enquire about how they may benefit from your support. Many sanctuaries are grateful for assistance in various ways, such as volunteering, sharing newsletters, donating products for the animals, financial contributions etc.

It all begins with us. It’s time for us to be prayer in action and gratitude in action. Many are rising to be their best selves, and being the change that they want to see in the world.

Thank you for doing this and for supporting others to also grow in kindness, wisdom and compassion.

© Karaugh E. Seth 2022

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Book Review 

Jane Broccolo
Animal & nature communicator, Teacher,
Author of the book, LIKE AN ANIMAL When Being Human is not Enough.

"This is the kind of book you might curl up with like you would when immersing yourself into a classic, feelgood story…complemented perhaps with a cup of tea to warm your insides... It simply, and quite eloquently, speaks our forgotten Truth to us.

If you allow it to, this book will help you breathe deeper, more fully as if  a soft ocean wave is rippling over you, refreshing you,  on a hot sticky, stressful day... evoking within our often neglected hearts, and overworked minds, the call to experience once again the truth, the joy…that we are not alone; we are all connected together in Love, beyond the superficial separation of species."


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Thank you!! 

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